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Top 5 Destinations to Rekindle your Love

Sometimes life gets in the way of what really matters.  We get caught up in the everyday movements that we forget to cherish ourselves and one another.  One of the best ways to have time to love yourself and your special someone is a vacation!...

Tips: Ways to Avoid Overpaying on a Cruise

If this is your first cruise it can feel overwhelming, but when you book with us we handle everything for you and we even end up saving you money! Sometimes cruisers feel you have to purchase everything to have a great time, but this is not...

Aboard the Norwegian Escape, is it worth it?

Aboard the Norwegian Escape, is it worth it? Is it worth the price and destinations? Read below! First and foremost 1) Norwegian cruise lines offers "Anytime Dining." In the cruising world most cruise lines have scheduled dining which means there is an early dining which is around 5-530 and...

Misconceptions of Cruising, Say What?

1) Cruises are expensive Cruises are now the most affordable way to travel the world.  You are able to travel to multiple countries, experience luxury dining, shows, and entertainment all for free.  Don't forget a 24 hour spectacular view! With LetsGoTo.World traveling is affordable and convenient...

Giveaways through December from LetsGoTo.World

[su_youtube url="" autoplay="yes"] We at LetsGoTo.World believe in the gift of travel and new discovery. We do not just create vacations we create journeys for everyone from all walks of life to experience what this beautiful world has to offer! This holiday season we would like...

Self Discover, why a solo trip is a must.

Solo Traveling has become the new travel craze. We are constantly seeing selfie's of individuals alone on a mountain top, floating on an island , or alone in the jungle. In an industry that thrives on group travels, and family packages, we are seeing a...

Let’s Try Portuguese Cuisine in Chicago (Event)

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our tasting Portugal Cuisine in Chicago on April 27th.  We met fellow travelers, explorers and those curious to explore the world. The Experience is a celebration of Portugal’s great tasting cuisine as close as it can get without...