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Self Discover, why a solo trip is a must.

Solo Traveling has become the new travel craze. We are constantly seeing selfie’s of individuals alone on a mountain top, floating on an island , or alone in the jungle. In an industry that thrives on group travels, and family packages, we are seeing a demand for solo trips on the rise! Letsgoto.world has discovered Solo trips are not a fad but truly something needed in one’s lifetime. Here are some reasons why you should considerate it:


The one time you are allowed to be selfish

Traveling alone gives you the space to truly hear your thoughts and be alone. You are able to accommodate yourself and not have to worry about anyone else. In taking this chance to take time out for yourself, this allows you to learn about yourself,  you may make any decision based on your desire, you will be able to focus and truly enjoy the experience without having to entertain anyone else but YOU! A destination far away might help you find answers about your true purpose in life and discover your inner calling.

Break Free From Your Comfort Zone

Going to unknown places will challenge you to learn how to rely on yourself.  Through Traveling you will meet new people, see exotic places, and be introduced to enchanting cultures. At times obstacles may arise but you will be able to conquer them and gain memories, experiences and will be able to hold on to those moments forever. By putting yourself out there and investing into your traveling you will get to enjoy all that is received from it. Decide on what type of trip would be best for you? Spiritual? Challenging? Relaxation? Sketch down ideas on what you would like to accomplish from this trip? How do you want to feel and what areas do you want to overcome? By answering these questions may help you in finding the perfect sweet spot for an incredible trip!

Meet new people

Let’s be real being alone is great but we cannot deny the need for human connection. Traveling alone enables you to meet new people and make those connections across the world. Whether it’s having a drink and chatting the whole night in a local pub, or creating a lasting friendship for the future. If you’re single you may come across Mr. or Miss. Right, who knows if you don’t try!


More economical

It doesn’t take a math genius to see that traveling solo is easier on your finances. Traveling on your own means only purchasing one set of flights, as well as single hotel accommodations, meals and excursions. This may not seem like a lot, but if you’re planning an extended trip, these expenses can become costly. Going it alone means you’ll have more cash at the end to spend as you choose. The extra money can be used for your next trip!


LetsGoTo.world understand the need for Solo Travel and we encourage our clients to experience this unique travel at least once in their lifetime. In doing so we custom create solo travel trips that allow for adventure, and spiritual growth. If you are still are not entirely convinced we also offer solo trips with connection points to meet new people and still have the support you need before you adventure out on your own.

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