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Young and Broke? 5 Reasons that you can still travel!

Well you do not have to be young to be broke you can be a perfect middle aged person and still be broke no judgment here !   I started off traveling with my good old credit card, not saying that I recommend that but sometimes it’s just a necessity or shall we say an unexpected emergency. You know like we have that one credit card that we only use for emergencies.  Let me tell you the first trip I booked was an emergency, an emergency for my sanity!  I can assure you I have traveled around the world with money and without and yes money is a comfort but being on a budget made the trip more interesting.  I found myself finding local spots to budget meals and meeting great locals and let me tell you fantastic cheap beers! Fun Fact if  you get in with the locals I guarantee you will get a couple free rounds.  Staying at Hostels was an experience and ended up being one big party, to this day I still talk to people I met.   Budgeting kind of became a game, like what is the best deal I can find and still have an awesome time… beach hopping totally free and the views amazing not to mention awesome instagam selfies!  I always search for local events at the time of traveling, most of them are free and you truly get a cultural experience that money cannot buy.  I also found myself looking for volunteer projects, animal refugees, village building, park clean up!  I cannot tell you the gratitude and gratification you feel, it is better than any stay at the Ritz Carlton!  I know hard to believe but don’t knock it until you try it ! The best part yet coming home debt free !

5 Reasons you should still travel even if you are broke!

  1. When you are on a budget you find ways to immerse yourself in the culture of the country you are in, and this so happens to be the cheapest experiences.
  2. Budget Lodging usually means spending the night at different Hostels.  This is a great way to meet new people that have common interests and budget as yourself!  Plus they have great tips to share with you on their travel and different ideas and excursions that they have done that will be within your budget.
  3. Volunteering allows you to not just vacation but to make a journey.  Gratitude is good for the soul! You are able to see new places, become aware of global issues and you walk away feeling like you made a difference.  Put a price on that!
  4. Local Dining is always the best route to go! Cafe’s, Pubs, and mom and pops always have the most authentic food at a fair rate! People at these establishments are grateful for your business, they are eager to serve you and make sure you not only eat but love their food and come back for more.  So guaranteed a full belly and smile on your face .
  5. Come back debt free!  Need I say more plus you can start planning your next adventure.

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