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Misconceptions of Cruising, Say What?

Misconceptions of Cruising, Say What?

1) Cruises are expensive
Cruises are now the most affordable way to travel the world.  You are able to travel to multiple countries, experience luxury dining, shows, and entertainment all for free.  Don’t forget a 24 hour spectacular view! With LetsGoTo.World traveling is affordable and convenient with our payment plan option !  No more excuses with $100 a month you can travel by the end of the year. #LetsGoTo

2) There are too many people on cruises
Cruise ships are built to accommodate up to 5000 people.  With this said  cruises understand the importance of  SPACE!  These ships are built to have ample space on deck, in bars, at the pool and in your room.  Experiencing the Norwegian escape never once did we feel that the ship was overcrowded in fact there were still some places of the ship we did not get to see!
3) Cruises are for old people 
Age has nothing to do with personality and spirit, and we find the experienced travelers to be enchanting. Cruise ships cater to all ages and specifically organizes their entertainment, shows and events around this! From children to teens, solo travelers, couples and families there is an abundance of entertainment and activities for everyone. What we found to be the most special is the gathering of all ages together to have fun and party the night away !
4) Ill be stuck on the ship
If you are worried you will feel stuck or claustrophobic on the ship in the middle of the sea and cant get off, no worries there are limited days at sea.  The entertainment and dining is so fabulous you will likely forget you are even at sea.   The minimum port dates where the ship docks are 3 based on your itinerary and length of cruise.  On port days people find themselves looking forward to going back on the ship after their excursions and days on land for a relaxing evening and hit the buffet!
5) I’ll get seasick 
It is true you might be prone to seasickness, but their are many ways to help and prevent this.  Remedies include acupressure bracelets, patches, Dramamine, and many over counter prescriptions.  The key is to prevent it before it starts don’t be afraid to consult your doctor to see what they recommend.  Experienced cruisers also recommend green apples, mint tea, crackers, keeping a tummy full and anything that contains ginger.
6) I’ll be bored
No way!  Not a chance!  Within the cruising world it is a direct competition of who has the most things to do on a ship. You can find ropes courses, water slides, zip lining , pools, bars , casino, shopping, bowling, video games, wine tasting,  Broadway Productions, art auctions, comedy club, spa, fitness and so much more.  Not to mention all the on board activities planned out for all ages on sea and port days!

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